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Critical Mission. Exceptional Benefits.

When you join AFTC, you become part of a highly respected community working on the utmost challenges in the world of aviation, and your benefits should reflect that.

From a competitive salary to a flexible work schedule as well as continuous learning opportunities and career advancement, our various plan options and benefits rival – and often exceed – those offered in the private sector. As a civilian member of the Air Force Acquisition workforce, you can enjoy outstanding federal benefits. Starting the moment you begin a career at AFTC, here are just a few benefits to expect:

Comprehensive Health Coverage We offer the widest selection of health plans in the country, and all employees are eligible for free health screenings.

Dental and Vision Coverage Tax-advantaged dental and vision benefits are available to eligible federal employees, retirees and their eligible family members on an enrollee-pay-all basis, with competitive premiums and no pre-existing condition limitations.

Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Eligible employees can deposit funds into a health savings account that enables them to pay for many out-of-pocket health and dependent care expenses with pretax dollars.

Long-Term Care Insurance This insurance helps pay for medical and non-medical needs of enrollees with a chronic illness or disability that affects their day-to-day activity over long periods of time.

Life Insurance The Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) Program offers eligible employees basic life insurance and three types of optional life insurance at attractive group rates – and most employees can continue their coverage after retirement.

Retirement Plan In addition to the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS), we offer our employees a transferable 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan with government matching contributions.

Paid Time Off All eligible employees are entitled to paid vacation, holiday and sick leave.

Paid Training and Education While not guaranteed, student loan repayment programs, signing bonuses, relocation reimbursement, paid training and tuition assistance may be available.

Work Life Balance

Are you ready to balance a rewarding career protecting your nation with a fulfilling personal life? At AFTC, we offer resources and tools that help you enjoy everything you put into your work – and your time away from it, as well. These are just some of the work-life benefits offered by the Air Force, regardless of your location:

Flexible Work Schedules: Helping you balance time between work and family.

Telecommuting: Employees in certain positions can work from home. Certain restrictions may apply.

Civilian Fitness and Wellness Policy: Full-time employees can use up to three hours of their workday per week, without using leave or vacation time, for fitness and wellness activities, pending approval. A physical exam is required for participation.

Recreational Activities: Easy access to various activities, including numerous recreational and cultural destinations in the surrounding areas.

In addition to the numerous benefits mentioned above, working on AFTC bases offers access to some of the following recreational, support facilities and more:

For more detailed information on benefits, visit the U.S. Office of Personnel Management’s benefits page.

Acquisition Demonstration Project: Competitive Compensation

If you’re familiar with federal careers, you probably know about the General Schedule, or GS, pay system. The Air Force and Department of Defense (DoD) needed a more flexible option that would allow us to attract the highest caliber individuals to join our team. That option is the Acquisition Demonstration Project – or “Acq Demo.” Unlike the GS system, there are three career paths to consider: Business Management and Technical Management Professional (NH), Technical Management Support (NJ) and Administrative Support (NK).

Acq Demo is a flexible and responsive personnel system that allows participating organizations to attract, develop, motivate and retain a high-quality workforce. Understanding some of the limitations and frustrations of attracting the best candidates to federal employment, Acq Demo enables us to streamline the process and make better, more competitive offers to the candidates we need. Once on-board, Acq Demo helps us keep our employees engaged by offering performance-based pay and ongoing development opportunities. Features include:

Not all of the DoD is a part of this project. AFTC (specifically Edwards Air Force Base), the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force Acquisition Directorate at the Pentagon and the Contracting Command at the Air Force District of Washington at Joint Base Andrews AFB are Acq Demo participants. And we are actively engaged in bringing other acquisition centers into the program.

Throughout its history, AFTC has tested and supported the development of virtually every aircraft, weapon system, and component the Air Force has ever put in the air, on an aircraft, or in an aircraft.

From the early test flights of the jet-propelled XP-59A and breakthroughs in hypersonic propulsion, to unmanned aerial systems like the X-33 and advanced “smart” weaponry of today such as the Small Diameter Bomb, JDAM, and MOAB.

As the premier aviation test center in the world, AFTC continues its role in the research, development, modeling, testing, and evaluation of aerospace and weapon systems for the United States and our allies.

Scram Jet X-51 Wave Rider in flight
Bombs on a rack
JDAM drops from a Raptor
Munitions: Mother of All Bombs on a trailer

We work on things that most people only dream about—the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, Airborne Laser, scramjet technology, and yet to be seen advances in flight—are being tested and refined today at AFTC locations around the nation.

It’s the knowledge, experience, and diversity of our highly skilled engineers, scientists, and program managers that ensure Air Force systems stay at the leading edge of technological change and important advances that allows U.S. fighting forces and allies to operate with the most advanced combat-ready systems possible.

AFTC is part of the Air Force Civilian Service (AFCS). That’s the indispensable force that provide the brain power and manpower that keep the Air Force ready for action.

At 180,000 strong we at AFCS are a force to be reckoned with. We fill positions in over 600 different occupations. Dedicated and confident, we work shoulder to shoulder with Airmen around the country and around the world, committed to the vital Air Force mission in air, space, and cyberspace. Together we are ... Forces. Joined.

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