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Three people: Medical & Mental Health

Focus on treating and supporting Air Force families.

Our Air Force relies on 300,000 men and women to maintain its readiness and superiority. The AFCS team of dedicated doctors, nurses, dentists, mental health, and social service specialists care for these Airmen and their families in 75 state-of-the-art treatment facilities, outpatient clinics, and support centers around the country and around the world.

With an emphasis on preventative care and without time restrictions on treating patients or providing care, our team enjoys the satisfaction that comes with the job. With few of the distractions of extensive paperwork and reporting common in today’s health care environment they have greater freedom to focus on people.

Our team enjoys work-life balance and a supportive work environment where ongoing education and training is offered, as well as very competitive compensation, great Federal benefits, and job security.

Unlike our counterparts in private practice and most hospitals, we at AFCS are committed to health and well-being of our patients. But we’re also contributing every day to the defense of our nation and the values we hold dear.

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